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The Group of Companies offers clients in the oil & gas sectors unique and innovative solutions, whilst still upholding performance, quality and safety:

  • Engineering Design;
  • Project Execution;
  • Structural Steel;
  • Pipework;
  • Electrical Switchgear;
  • Instrumentation Services;
  • Repair and Conversion;
  • Protective Coatings;
  • FPSO and FSO Conversion;
  • Boilers;
  • Heat Exchangers and Condensers;
  • Skid Manufacture;
  • Accommodation Outfitting, Galleys and Modules.

Group of companies is an engineering and manufacturing company focused on the Marine Industry. As an Electrical System Integrator, the primary concentration areas of Group Technology are design, development, production and installation of Electrical, Automation and E-Propulsion Systems for marine applications. In more detail, our scope of supply consists of LV Switchboards, Consoles, Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems, Hybrid & E-Propulsion Solutions (Alternators, E-Drives, and Motors) and Installation. Group of companies focuses on Research & Development, looking for ways in which we can be different, striving to design reliable, user friendly and cost-effective systems. Company is a brand independent electrical system integrator for marine industry. Our approach to projects is to support our customers by delivering innovative and efficient solutions for electrical and automation systems on board.Group Technology takes full responsibility from the design to commissioning for the delivered systems, using worldwide renowned partners.Company is involved in every system onboard, which needs electricity. Therefore, we are in close relationship with our customer from design phase until the delivery of the vessel. It is our goal to reduce the total cost for our customer by contributing to project during the whole process and create added value.

  • Power Generation & Distribution;
  • Hybrid Propulsion & Energy Systems;
  • Power Management Systems;
  • Integrated Alarm Monitoring & Alarm Systems;
  • Control Consoles;
  • Services.
  • Electrical System Design;
  • Software / Automation Engineering;
  • System to System Integration;
  • Project Management;
  • Project Consultancy and Supervision
  • Electrical Installation;
  • Commissioning;
  • After Sales Support;

Three partners of group set their heart on shipping in order to provide service on production of fire proof panel, door, and wet cabin in Ship Side Industry market in 2005. It has started to the mentioned products by porthole case, door case and wet cabin production in 2006. It has completed the certificate works and has taken documents required for wet cabin production as a result of works carried out in this date. Group of Companies who kept research and development works has performed “Beaded System” Panel production in 2008. Company has aimed smooth customer satisfaction and has seen its customers as business partners. We have adopted increasing the quality, minimizing the delivery time and approaching as “problem resolver rather than troublemaker” as a principle for the demands of our work partners. Deck machinery and equipment form an important part of a ship’s outfit irrespective of the type or size of vessel concerned, while the equipment itself covers a wide range of units according to specific requirements. There are, however, items of deck machinery common to all types of ship, namely Mooring Winches, Anchor Windlasses and, with their increasing use, Deck Cranes such as Service&Provision Cranes and Hose Handling Cranes as well as Hatch Covers. A wide variety of deck machinery and equipment purposedesigned and built for all applications, a wide variety of Hatch Covers and a wide variety of Propulsion and Manoeuvring systems is available from our group of company. The company has achieved considerable success in the supply of machinery, equipment and main components to all types of vessels. On ship, increasing use is being made of Deck Cranes to perform various lifting tasks, of Mooring Winches and Anchor Windlasses to perform more secure mooring operations, of Rescue Boats & Life Raft Cranes and Davits to comply with SOLAS convention and IMO regulations and to perform secure cruises. However, by the very nature of the task to be performed, deck machinery is exposed to the weather and has to be able to withstand constant salt spray and extremes of temperature.

  • Panels
  • Doors
  • Wet Cabinets