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  • Cyber Defense “SCADA Dome” - is a system and method of detection Cyber Attacks aimed at causing physical damage to a military production facility or disrupting its full-time work;
  • SCADA Dome provides multi-level systems protection based on the innovative patented technology of our consortium;
  • Underwater Guard System The Aquashield™ - is an advanced HAS (Hydro Acoustic Stations) for the detection of underwater saboteurs (DDS), which incorporates the results of all previous experience gained from continuous work at numerous sites around the world;
  • LiteLine - is a fiber optic solution for perimeter violation detection and monitoring of extended structures, specialized protection facilities, gas and oil pipelines;
  • Drone Suppression System “Drone Dome” - is a complex of detection and neutralization of unmanned aerial vehicles of Drone Dome consortium (hereinafter referred to as the “Complex”) is a complete, integrated, comprehensive, first National Solution that ensures the effective establishment of nofly zones for unmanned aerial vehicles that meets operational and Customer’s technical needs for effective detection, identification and neutralization of targets;
  • SISCOM - Situational Awareness Command Center, multi-level protection, controlled by a hierarchical command and control system, which allows each train to independently work and control its subordinate levels.